Restaurant Cinzano de Valparaíso

Cinzano Restaurant, the living history of Valparaíso.

When one first observes Valparaíso from the descent of the highway to its exit by Viña del Mar, one encounters an imposing landscape. The city falls towards the sea as does a waterfall from the hills plagued by houses of all colors to the shore of the Pacific Ocean to offer the visitor a very special environment.

The second city of the Republic of Chile, is a hyperactive, dynamic and jovial city, although with a decadent air despite its luminosity. And is that by looking at the facades of all colors chipped and somewhat neglected, one wonders what is special.

But after a few minutes, one feels that fatal attraction to the city when we enter places like Restaurante Cinzano, an entire institution in the very heart of the city. A place of difficult description but that exemplifies and quintessence everything described above. It is a unique and probably unrepeatable place.

In it you can eat and drink from morning until dawn, being forced to try the delicious empanadas of the house. At night, its small stage is occupied by a singular orchestra formed by old local glories that review boleros, tangos and all the most devoted repertoire of the Latin American song for the delight and enjoyment of the university students that fill the tables and the bar of the premises.

And something must be special when it works since 1896 and attracts young and old alike. A centennial place that will probably remain there immutable when all of us are a small part of its long and hazardous history.

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