Robinson Crusoe island

Robinson Crusoe Island, a paradise at the end of the world


Few are the privileged ones that we had the opportunity to visit the Robinson Crusoe Island. An island of the Juan Fernández Archipelago almost 700kms off the Chilean coast off Valparaiso. One of the most inaccessible and beautiful places on the planet where only 500 people live, which is known worldwide by the English novel Daniel Defoe, which tells the adventures of a castaway on an uninhabited island.


But beyond fiction, the island exists, and it is a National Park and Biosphere Reserve, and it is one of the places where there are natural species and unique animals on the Planet. The island is barely habitable beyond a small portion of land where the San Juan Bautista Commune is based, in Cumberland Bay. Life in this jewel of the Pacific, is based on the fishing of lobster and tourism.


In the archipelago live unique species in the world, such as the sea lions of three hairs, and you can enjoy some exceptional lobsters and crab (especially those delicious one prepared in lasagna). In short, one of the most wonderful destinations on the planet that can be reached by flying with the ATTA airline from Santiago de Chile.